We are the leaders in new developing ideas and mats for the gold cube. Improve your results with you own gold cube upgrades. 

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Gold Cube Sawtooth Mat

$49.00 to $89.00

We Ship Free Within 24 Hours Using USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail  

Replace your stock vortex mat with the Sawtooth Mat for improved performance.

This mat was designed around the gold cube's 14.5 to 15.5 degree angles.  It will outperform any other mat on the market for catching fine gold in the gold cube.

The real benefits of this mat over the vortex mat:

1. 20% increase capture rate. More surface area and the geometry for catching fine and ultra fine gold.  

2. Run 30% faster feed rates  

3. Never clogs up (does not hold beach debris like sea shell's, grass, roots, etc.)  

4. Easily dip and it clean it out in 5 seconds (no more spray or brush cleaning the vortex mat  

5. Easy Installation with printed instructions included

Gold Cube Slick Tray V Mat Kit



We Ship Free Within 24 Hours Using USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail 

Turn Your Gold Cube Slick Tray Into A Fine Gold Catcher With This Low Profile V Mat. Cleans out black sand in less than 30 seconds, so you can clearly see if you are on good ground. Instructions Included. 

Gold Cube Bucket Flare Mat



We Ship Free Within 24 Hours Using USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail


Does The Gold Cube Loose Gold? Yup...Find Out For Yourself. Install this Pre-fit Gold Hog Motherload Mat Design To Fit Your Bucket Flare. (Bucket Flare Not Included) Bucket Flare can be purchased on eBay

Gold Cube Starter Kit


Every thing you need to get started finding gold on a beach or river. 3 Stack Deluxe kit with stand, hose and 12 volt pump.

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Gold Cube Blank Tray


Want a bigger stack like we have ours? Add on as many trays as you want. These come with no matting in them. You can add your own mat like the Sawtooth mat to them. The old saying is the more sluice you have the more gold you catch and it allows you to run at a faster feed rate. Great for running lots of beach sand with having many more stacks to your gold cube.

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