2018 Video Season

Finally got out to the beach for our first trip of 2018 season. Put in 2  days worth of work and it was worth every bucket.  Added 1 more square  feet of sluice to the newly named "Franken Cube" to now sluicing 9.25  square feet. Many gram's of gold found. 

5 Hour's 15 Buckets And How Much Gold? 2nd trip out this season. This is not our biggest clean out but our best clean up. 

Beach Gold Mining Video's

Testing The GoldHog Multi-Sluice In The Field At Benson Beach For Fine Gold, May 2017

Good Gold Clean Up From Beach On Cape Disappointment Using GoldHog Multi-Sluice, August 2017

Best Beach Mining Gold Setup On Cape Disappointment, September 2017

Pan Out Black Beach Sands

How To Pan Out Fine Black Sands From Gold Part 1

River Gold Mining Video

Family Day Searching For Gold On The Green River Wa. 

Gold Cube Slick Tray V Mat Install

Turn your gold cube slick tray into a usable sluice by added some low profile V mat. Now you can see if you are on good ground after running paydirt and waiting for 45 seconds for the mat to clean out the black sands.

Saw Tooth Mat Install And Test Run

Best new mat for the gold cube. Replace the old vortex mat and install this new mat for 20% better capture rate, 5 second clean ups and 30% faster feed rates.