The Complete Sluice

Compact Design


Compact design allows all spray bars, hoses, bilge pump and flare to fit inside the sluice. Stow away the legs on the outside of sluice. Weighs less than 13 lbs for easy carrying. Length of sluice is 8 in x 36 in, Flare is 8 in x 16 in. 

Stream And Creek Option


Works great in low, slow water speeds such as creeks and streams. Has support bars for large rocks to hold down sluice in position.

River Option


Got higher and faster water on the river? No problem, add the 24 inch legs to the sluice, then position the sluice at the desired angle and water speed.

Highbanking Option


Easily convert the sluice into a highbanker. Runs off a small or large 12 volt battery. Two different spray bar options when running in highbanking or recirculate mode.

Recirculation Option


No water source near by? Run the sluice by recirculating water. Great for running beach sands or paydirt at home.

Final Clean Up


Just to make sure you got all the gold. We have a ultra fine clean up mat that can strip the tiniest gold (-300 Mesh) out of any black sands.

Additional Information

The Complete Sluice is exactly what it means. The only sluice on the market that can be taking anywhere and used in many different situations when prospecting for gold. Light weight and durable with the ease of assemble and disassemble in less than 5 minutes. It's size is like the Goldilocks of sluices, not to big and not to small, just the right size. What makes this sluice the sluice for beginners or the expert miners is the Sawtooth mat that is used. The sawtooth mat is designed for is catching the super fine gold (down to -300 mesh gold) that most of us end up finding when prospecting. Don't get it wrong, it too can catch the big stuff. Lets be honest..most of the time we are only finding the small gold on rivers and beaches. Let the sawtooth mat hold on to the fine gold and ease your mind when out prospecting.

Each sluice is hand made and not manufactured, so they will come with minor scratches and surface blemishes during the 7 hour process to create one. It is not meant to look pretty...its meant to catch the pretty. Proudly made in the USA

We Ship Free by Priority USPS mail to the lower 48. Alaska residents email us first for price on postage.