Sawtooth Sluice Mats

Benifits Of The Sawtooth Sluice Mat

Low water needed 600-1100 GPH. Great for low stream water, or high banking with a small pump.

Catches small gold and fine gold down to -600 mesh by the slurry action of the riffles

Easy Clean Outs in a 5 gal. bucket

Can run 1/4 inch classified material, 1/8 classified material (recommended)

A 8 x 36 sluice mat leaves less than a 1/2 cup of cons to pan.

Strong EPDM rubber for many years of use. 1/8 inch thick and light weight.

Fit The Mat To Your Sluice


Measure the inside edges of sluice and minus 1/16th from the actual measurement. This will make room for the side gorilla tape


Use a straight edge and a utility knife to trim mat

Install the Tape

Face mat face down and install tape 1/4 inch on the sides. Flip mat over face up and fold tape over, leaving a thin gap between the tape and mat

Custom Sizes Are Available Upon Request

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