Black Beach Sand Paydirt From Washington State Coast Line

Get your Washington black sand Paydirt directly from the source. We can answer when, where and how, because we dug it up.
How our black sand concentrates work: Each pound of our black sand concentrates is equal to 1 bucket (100 lbs) of black sand that has ran thru our sluice system. Then we clean out the sluice and store it in a container. Then we bring home each container(s) and dry it out and then bag it up for sale. If we are selling you a 

3 lb bag then we ran 300 lbs of gold bearing black sand before we stop and clean up. When we are out mining, we average 3-4 buckets an hour. Our sluice system consist of 9.25 square feet of the Sawtooth mat.
1lb bag concentrates = 1 bucket of black sand (100 lbs)

Our bags have flour size gold in it. One of the best spots on the west coast to find so much gold in the dirt by volume. Why is that you might ask? Well the gold comes from the well-known Columbia River. The river runs rich with fine gold and black sand.

We do the traveling and the digging so you do not have too. We pan test all day long to make sure we are on good spot. My wife and I want to share this gold bearing paydirt with you. 

Each tablespoon will contain an average of 10-100 pieces of +100 to -600 size gold. We do find an occasional +60 mesh size gold.

We do not search it, sift it or add gold to any bag. You will find some small debris (grass, wood) in the paydirt. And for that reason we add a little more paydirt to each bag so we guarantee our weight we sell is true. Understand that the paydirt is a little time consuming in panning out the gold. They say if you can pan out the gold from this paydirt you can pan anything. So if you are a beginner we suggest you watch some technics on panning fine paydirt off YouTube before ordering. We recommend the use of jet dry in the water as it will reduce the surface tension by helping to eliminate floating gold from escaping your pan.


We know we have gold in our unsearched paydirt because we processed it ourselves. 

1lb bags are great for panning since there are about 20 leveled tablespoons in each pound of paydirt. That If you order more than 2lbs we recommend using a cleanup sluice, blue bowl, black magic or miller table to speed up the process. We use the GoldHog Multi Sluice and the Gold Cube when running a lot of paydirt. 

Our bags of paydirt are heat sealed so they will not leak during shipping. We also recommend rinsing out the bags into a gold pan so you don?t leave anything behind. We ship for Free within 24 hours by USPS 1-3 day priority mail

Our bags are not ROI bags. Our black sand is great for testing sluices and up your panning skills. The gold and the black sand in our bags are hydraulic equivalence, meaning the gold and the black sand weight the same. The gold in this black sand is hard to pan and catch in a sluice.


1lb Black Sand Concentrate Paydirt


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We Ship Free Within 24 Hours by USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail